“Mapbox” CEO visited MBA SBMT program

Mapbox is a mapping platform for developers. It makes it easy to integrate location into any mobile or online application. Mapbox is changing the way people move around cities and understand our planet.

MBA students say about the class:

"It was interesting to see such kind of people – true entrepreneur in modern startup culture. Quite interesting project and company"

It is a really wonderful speech. And I asked questions and got some valuable answers:

1) How could they get cake from the tycoon "google map"?

-  Based on the research, Mapbox found the niche market and try to make it in a big scale;

2) Compare to the plan 7 years ago when Mapbox is registered, the product and place change or not? How often is it?

- The vision the product change according to the change the market needs, but the basic product does not change. And every 2 years, they will evaluate to change the location»

"Small but talented team managed to compete with Google choosing the strategy to focus on creating maps. They do a very narrow product but better than other companies. They managed to be successful because of people they have, although Eric’s biggest challenge now is to manage them. Human capital play crucial role in any business."

"What I liked about Mr. Eric Gundersen's facts is that he prepared thoroughly to start his little (at the beginning) business in IT. I mean he got into the sphere having learnt serious basics in IT and even programming code. I liked the fact of going together with the team step by step. Though the company acts quite aggressively in the market, I really admire the strategy and confident penetrating of the world."

"It’s fascinating to meet such outstanding people from all over the world in our MBA program!"

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